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 At GLAM spa we are completely dedicated to your beauty and wellbeing. We choose the most effective and pleasurable products and treatments so that you can relax the moment you walk through the door, knowing that your needs are being taken care of.


All of our therapists are highly trained, and ongoing in house training is taken very seriously. The team is headed by Julie Ashworth who has almost 30 years experience in the industry and is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the area of Non-Surgical treatments for anti ageing and other skin conditions.


GLAM spa is a relaxing haven where you can escape the realities of life. We like to provide an environment in which everyone can relax, a complete escape from family life, work, and mobile phones. We kindly ask all of our clients to bear in mind the desire for tranquility when making appointments. We ask that mobile phones are turned to silent, and appointments are booked around childcare. 


Whether you call in for a file and polish or you attend the spa regularly for treatment courses, the welcome will always be friendly. At GLAM spa the customer is of the utmost importance and your satisfaction is our best recommendation.










Introducing Universal Contour Wrap


At GLAM spa we are only interested in treatments that deliver real results, so when we were looking for a great inch loss and firming treatment, there was ony one choice. With over 25 years of success, this amazing treatment just upped it’s game with the introduction of the NEW Elite machine to increase results whilst at the same time shortening treatment time.

This is going to be extremely popular as this isn’t just a fluid loss treatment – you will keep that incredible inch loss for 30 days or longer. Brilliant for a special event or we have several options for courses of treatment which will increase results.


 2 hours £75

 Course of 3 £199

Lose a minimum of 6” (15cm) from your first treatment or pay nothing! The world-renowned full body wrap from Universal Contour Wrap guarantees that if you do not lose at least 6” (15cm) from your first treatment. Natural clay solution draws out toxins whilst the specialist wrapping technique actively compresses soft fatty tissue. This creates an instant inch loss, firming and body sculpting effect. After your treatment, the clay remains in the pores of the skin and your inch loss can continue for 3 - 4 days. This is not a water loss treatment. In fact, we recommend you drink water regularly after your treatment to enhance detoxification, flushing the toxins from your body



90 minutes £89 

 Course of 3 £239.00

 Lose a minimum of 6” (15cm) from your first treatment or pay nothing! An advanced full body wrap treatment that combines the world famous Classic Body Wrap treatment with a unique muscle toning and shaping machine with warming blanket. The result is a faster, more relaxing experience with the added benefits of enhanced inch loss, muscle toning and cellulite reduction. 




















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