For many years I have been reluctant to offer such procedures at Glam Spa as I believe such treatment should only be performed by a Doctor. Therefore I am extremely excited to welcome Dr Paul Wheeler to the professional team here at Glam.

Dr Wheeler is a fully registered UK trained medical doctor with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine.  He is GMC registered, appears on the NHS National Performers List, and has full Aesthetic Medical Insurance through Hamilton Fraser.   He holds a Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery Degree along with Post Graduate training in Botox and Dermafillers, Advanced Botox and Advanced Dermafiller, Lip Masterclass, Body Sculpting Fat Reduction (Aqualyx treatment), and Platelet Rich Plasma (aka vampire facial).

Over the past 2 years  he has worked in one of the most exclusive Spa's in Buckinghamshire where he has undertaken approximate 1000 procedures, including wrinkle reduction to the forehead, glabella area, outer eye and nose bunny lines, improvement in dark circles and wrinkles under the eye, lower face revolumisation and rejuvenation, Lip enhancement an cheekbone enhancement, neck wrinkle reduction, neck firming, decolletage improvement, fat reduction/body sculpting, mole and skin tag removal.

The aim of Dr Wheeler's treatments is to enhance your natural beauty and restore a more youthful look. 



Botox 4 areas   £365

Botox 3 areas   £350

Botox 2 areas   £315

Botox 1 area     £200


Frown Line on forehead (botulinum toxin) = 1 area

Frown Line between the eyes above the nose (botulinum toxin)  

Frown Lines around the eye (botulinum toxin)   

Bunny Lines on the nose = 1 area 


Dermal Filler is by the Syringe  £300

(most of the procedure that use dermal filler only require 1 syringe)


Lip Enhancement  (Juvederm Filler)

Cheekbone Enhancement (Juvederm Filler)



Lower face rejuvenation/revolumization (dermafiller/PRP) Approx £350 to £650 depending on work required. 


Neck and decolletage (dermafiller/PRP) £350



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) (commonly known as the vampire facial) £500 whole face + neck + decolletage 


Lower eye bag and dark circle improvement (PRP) £350

Mole removal £100

Skin Tag removal £75

Fat Reduction Injection (Aqualyx) £350 per area

(saddle bags, inner thighs, lower abdomen, under buttocks

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