Using essential Oils, these treatments can encompass the full body or can be targeted to specific problem areas.





Traditional Swedish Massage



A gentle and soporific massage to soothe and relax.

1 hour 30mins   £59

1 hour                 £49

30mins                £35





Deep Tissue Massage



A deeper massage to relieve aching muscles and sports fatigue.




90 minutes    £69

60 minutes    £55

30 minutes    £39





Back, Neck and Scalp Massage



An amazingly relaxing treat that will relieve tension  and leave you feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.



45 minutes   £45





Hot Stone Massage



The most amazing experience....adding heated volcaninic stones to the deep massage experience which increases relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. Highly recommended!



30 minutes   £40

60 minutes   £60

90 minutes   £80

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